Get Involved In Community Matters

Become involved in various community programs and projects that affect you, your close family and friends and the members of an entire community. A matter of community development can become a matter of learning how to manifest and how to react in public as well as a way to resolve problems of any kind, under pressure, especially when it comes to issues that affect the greater majority. In today's world we are all used to having everything given to us and make the most out of what we have and not care very much about the world around us and especially those who share the same living area as we do. Neighborly feelings are hard to come by and people are mostly interested in satisfying their own ego. We have made great advancements in every field known to man and are still developing new ones; however we fail to see the basic human needs of building and caring for a community of people occupying the same area and never want to get involved. People are interested in satisfying their own immediate needs, like getting the best job, finding the perfect mate, having a car, children, a family and the possibility of fun and sexual activities at our disposal. We drink, we eat compulsively, we order stuff from any hardware store. We can afford all types of gadgets, but somehow the satisfaction of buying something is not so long lived as we'd expect. Many people try to find true value to life and do something that matters in a real way. We may not all be able to go and build houses and schools for underprivileged children in Africa, but we can contribute by getting involved in matters relating to our community. It's the starting point for greater things that can lead to a better understanding between neighbors and people in general, that can set the example for greater things to come.