Community Development in Local Areas

The common goals of a geographical area are often kept in private, with little organization to unite the residents for a common cause. When these regions are able to practice community development, the power extends to all of the residents and common goals can be reached much easier. The first step in the process of community development is the creation of community organizations that work to generate a single voice that speaks for the area. In this manner, the priority of certain goals can be established and a plan can be made to move from the current state to a better living situation. Although it is sometimes classified as social work, the idea of community development actually runs much deeper. Instead of someone coming from the outside to give power and knowledge to people, the motivation actually comes from inside the group as residents are able to identify problems in their immediate surroundings and generate social programs that will fix these issues. By growing to larger numbers of people, the community organizations will have more influence and power when dealing with authorities. There are many ways that community development can be manifested to improve a living situation. One way is to create social programs for children, such as with organized sporting activities that give focus to the children and keep them away from sources of bad influence. In addition, community organizations can work together to make an urban planning solution for their own region. Instead of waiting for land developers to come and buy property, the organization can act as a team and designate certain areas for specific activities. Community development efforts are especially effective in areas where there is a higher level of poverty or lack of upward mobility. In these regions, each milestone will make a difference and the community will benefit greatly.