Artsfest in Community Development

Artsfest in Little Village Community Development is an important structure in the planning and building of local communities. Usually, arts and crafts festivals are regarded as vital community linkage factors because they bring together community citizens of all ages.

An arts festival will expand the horizon of local community artists, bands and singers by giving them the opportunity to engage with members of their town or village. The audience will get to listen or view creative and visionary local pieces, that are both original and manifest the civic spirit of the Community Development enterprise. The organizers of local art festivals are usually members of the city council, but any resident of the community can get involved if he or she wishes. For a boost of popularity, organizers are advised to bring in a national artist that will share the stage with the local bands. This mixture will inspire the audiences and give confidence to the local underground performers. It will also forge a more productive relationship within the community.

An artsfest is perfect for a new community because it engages people in community social mobilization. It also activates an important part of the Community Development plan, namely participatory planning. All citizens are invited to join and share ideas. Such an initiative will stimulate the town's performing arts industry by creating an opportunity in which artist and fan can meet and share a dialogue, even exchange feedback about likes and dislikes. Of course, the most important aspect of organizing an art festival is the opportunity to encourage cultural activities, which are a vital part of a community's life just like economics and politics. Artsfest promotes diversity, innovation, inspiration and good leadership. People will be engaged in fun activities, good music, social interaction that will boost the spirit of all the community.